Spectacular thunderstorm on Sunday, lightning strikes two houses and destroys a wall

It rumbled very loudly and was accompanied, in places, by an impressive downpour. An unusual storm hit Nantes on Sunday afternoon, shortly after 4 p.m. No one was injured but some damage is spectacular. In the neighborhood Hauts-Pavés​, rue Casimir-Perrier, not far from the city center, lightning struck a stone wall, literally causing it to explode. Three cars parked below were buried in large boulders and earth.

Lightning also fell on two houses on rue du Croissant and rue Charles-Péguy, causing a fire to start. It also led to the fall of two chimneys in Nantes and Saint-Herblain,

In total, the Loire-Atlantique firefighters indicate having intervened more than 130 times in the Nantes conurbation in the hours following the storm, most often for flooding. Some rivers, like the Cens and the Chézine, copiously overflowed with the sudden rain. At the Beaujoire stadium, where FC Nantes faced Bordeaux, the resonance of thunder caused a great fright to the spectators.

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