Special down jackets designed by Monoprix and distributed to the homeless

They have been specially designed to face life on the streets. Some 3,300 down jackets will be distributed to homeless people by the Samusocial of Paris, during patrols organized jointly with associations that regularly come to the aid of this population. The particularity of these clothes, with which there will also be gloves and hats? The Monoprix Foundation worked in close collaboration with the Samusocial teams to make them according to very precise specifications.

This is the second time that this collaboration has given birth to such a project: the down jackets have been designed for the specific needs of the homeless. Thus, these coats have interior pockets, large enough to contain identity papers, and with a closure. They are long, thick, solid, with zippers… In short, they are designed to face cold nights and the harsh winter of Paris when you live outside. Distribution is due to begin on Wednesday.

The Paris City Hall, in a study carried out during the Solidarity Night of January 2022, noted that in 2022, there were 2,600 homeless people in the streets of the capital.

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