SPD: Why the Social Democrats seem undecided on the tank question

The debate on the deliveries of “Leopard” tanks is ongoing. Greens, FDP and the Union put pressure on. Only the SPD seems strangely indecisive again. Why is that?

It’s a two-letter word. J and A

Do you wish Ukraine would win the war against Russia? A few months ago, Saskia Esken would probably have started a long monologue after this question. Emphasizing Germany’s supportive role, calling Putin a war criminal only to not answer the real question in the end. But this time the party leader simply said to “Spiegel”: “Yes.”

It’s amazing in a number of ways.

On the one hand, Lars Klingbeil, Esken’s co-chairman at the party leadership, is actually responsible for foreign policy. Most recently, he had even called for Germany to assume a leading role in the world.

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