SPD: How risky is the demand for a minimum wage of 12 euros? – Business

SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz wants to lure millions of voters with a hefty pay increase: His party is demanding a minimum wage of twelve euros – and as quickly as possible. Now there is a dispute whether the companies can cope with it.


Bastian Brinkmann

If the SPD wins the elections, what kind of policy would Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz make? A central demand of the party in the election campaign is to increase the minimum wage with a bang to twelve euros. Given the surveys, the question arises what that would mean economically. Economist Jens Südekum from the University of Düsseldorf has no problem with the previous minimum wage of EUR 9.60. At twelve euros it looks different. “It gets trickier, because we’re going into the critical area,” says Südekum. In addition, say researchers: Now could be a particularly bad time for such a step. Studies show, however, that economic opportunities are also associated with the minimum wage.


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