Spain: When Dragons Awaken – Endangered Komodo Dragons Hatch Here (Video)

Watch the video: When dragons awake – this is where endangered Komodo dragons hatch.

STORY: You can’t tell from the little Komodo dragon shortly after hatching that this little fellow is going to become a notorious robber. When fully grown, with a body length of up to three meters, it will even make life difficult for wild boar and deer. Five of the animals threatened in their native Indonesia were recently born in a zoo in southern Spain. There they are very happy about the breeding success. Milagros Robledo, District Manager Bioparc Fuengirola “An important milestone for the Bioparc. Komodo dragons have not been bred in captivity in Spain for ten years. In Europe, we are only the fifth park to have succeeded in the last few years. There are only approx. 1,500 specimens, breeding is very important.” The largest lizards in the world can only be found on four Indonesian islands. There, newborn Komodo dragons usually climb treetops and do not require maternal or paternal care. Here in the zoo, they should initially be housed in separate terrariums in order to be able to monitor their needs and behavior better. They will then be presented together to the public.

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