Space travel: Astronaut Maurer keeps a kind of diary in space

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Astronaut Maurer keeps a kind of diary in space

Astronaut Maurer writes down his experiences from his time in space. Photo: –/NASA/ESA-M.Maurer/dpa/Archive

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German astronaut Matthias Maurer has been working on the international space station since November 2011. In just under five months he has experienced a lot – and noted a lot.

Astronaut Matthias Maurer (52) records special impressions on the international space station ISS in a diary. He brought the book with him to write down “many everyday things up here,” he told the German Press Agency.

Also as a reminder for later: “It’s such a nice little book that I can open and leaf through again and again, so that I can mentally put myself back into this situation up here in space.”

He has often read what he has written in it over the past five months – also with his colleagues. “And we laughed a lot about it when we leafed through this together,” said the Saarlander, who is scheduled to return to Earth at the end of April.

Maurer traveled to the outpost of humanity on November 11, 2021 with three colleagues from the US space agency Nasa. The astronaut from the European space agency Esa is the twelfth German in space.


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