Space travel: Amazon founder Bezos sends another six people into space

Space travel
Amazon founder Bezos sends another six people into space

Blue Origin’s “New Shepard” rocket launches its short excursion into space from the US state of Texas (archive image). photo

© Tony Gutierrez/AP/dpa

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been sending people on short trips into space since July 2021, and the seventh manned flight has now taken place. This time, a 90-year-old American was among the six passengers.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his space company Blue Origin sent another six people into space for a short trip. It was the seventh manned launch of the largely automated New Shepard rocket system, Blue Origin announced.

The passengers took off from the west of the US state of Texas on Sunday morning (local time). During the flight, the capsule separated from the rocket, temporarily reached a height of around 100 kilometers above the Earth in weightlessness and then landed again with the help of parachutes.

This time there were five men and one woman on board, including the French entrepreneur and brewery owner Sylvain Chiron (52) and the 90-year-old American Ed Dwight. In the 1960s, former Air Force pilot Dwight was the first African American to undergo astronaut training, but in the end he was not selected for NASA space flights. The Blue Origin company last carried six space tourists into space in August 2022.

On the first flight in July 2021, Amazon founder Bezos himself was among those on board. The second in October 2021 was attended by the then 90-year-old Canadian actor William Shatner, who became world famous with his role as “Captain Kirk” in “Star Trek”. The daughter of the first American in space, Laura Shepard Churchley, was among those present on the third flight in December 2021.


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