Space: Nasa rover records solar eclipse from Mars

Watch the video: Impressive footage – Nasa rover captures solar eclipse from Mars.

Fascinating images from Mars:

The small Mars moon Phobos slides between the red planet and the sun.

The stunning solar eclipse took place on April 2, 2022 and lasted just over 40 seconds.

Mars’ moon Phobos is about 157 times smaller than Earth’s moon.

Because of this, Phobos takes much less time to eclipse the Sun than in a classic solar eclipse involving Earth’s Moon.

The video was taken by the Perseverance rover on Mars.

The Mastcam-Z has special solar filters.

This enables her to take pictures of the fascinating spectacle.

The images have such a high resolution that even sunspots can be seen on the sun.

Other Mars rovers have captured the Phobos eclipse in the past.

But the current recordings offer the best view of the event so far.

The video has the highest frame rate ever recorded from the surface of Mars.

With the help of the recordings, scientists want to find out more about the orbit of the moon.

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