South Korea: North Korea will probably fire missiles again

Status: 03/27/2023 03:48 am

Even after the end of a Seoul military exercise with Washington, the North Korean weapons tests are apparently not stopping. South Korea’s general staff and Japan’s coast guard observe this. The General Staff spoke of a “serious provocation”.

According to the South Korean military, North Korea appears to be continuing its missile launches. The South Korean military said the government in Pyongyang fired at least two short-range ballistic missiles from North Hwanghae province into the open sea off its east coast this morning.

The missiles were shot down in the south of North Korea and flown in the direction of the Sea of ​​Japan (Korean: East Sea), said the general staff in the South Korean capital Seoul.

The Japan Coast Guard said it believes both missiles landed outside of Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone. Japanese media reported that the two missiles followed an unusual trajectory.

“Serious Provocation”

South Korea’s general staff condemned the missile test as a “serious provocation” that endangered regional peace and violated United Nations Security Council resolutions. The secret services of the US and South Korea would take a closer look at the details, the generals said.

It was the country’s seventh missile test this month. Among other things, Pyongyang describes this as a reaction to joint military maneuvers by Seoul and Washington. The allies ended an eleven-day maneuver on Thursday, but are currently continuing some field exercises.

USA and South Korea strengthen cooperation

North Korea is expected to continue its weapons tests amid plans to send a US aircraft carrier for further joint maneuvers with South Korea. North Korea sees the exercises as preparation for an invasion.

Ruler Kim Jong Un called for a significant increase in weapons production, including tactical nuclear weapons. Against the background of these threats, the USA and South Korea recently increased their cooperation.

No peace agreement in sight

In all, North Korea has fired more than 20 ballistic and cruise missiles toward the sea on 11 occasions this year. The strategy aims to force the US to grant North Korea nuclear power status and achieve the removal of sanctions from a position of strength.

Among other things, the country tested an ICBM this month to underline its ability to hit the United States or South Korea. Pyongyang also recently announced the testing of an underwater drone capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

The internationally isolated North Korea has been expanding its weapons program for years and is therefore subject to international sanctions. South Korea and North Korea have not yet signed a peace agreement. All attempts by Western diplomacy in recent years to settle the dangerous conflict have so far failed.

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