South Korea: Escaped zebra lost in residential area (video)

Striped Lightning: Runaway zebra gets lost in residential area

Watch the video: Runaway zebra causes a stir in residential areas.

STORY: There’s a zebra around the corner… Firefighters from the Gwangjin Fire Station in Seoul shot these footage of the hoofed animal escaped from a zoo on Thursday. A rare sight for emergency services and residents. You can see the animal wandering around in the alleyway of a residential area, visibly excited. After being shot from the stun gun, the zebra collapsed, was wrapped in a net and loaded onto a truck. A spokesman for the facility said it was safely returned to Seoul Children’s Grand Park in its usual environment.


A zebra has escaped from a zoo in the South Korean capital of Seoul. Rescuers drugged the animal and returned it to its familiar environment.

A male zebra named Sero (Korean for vertical), according to a BBC report, escaped from Seoul Children’s Grand Park Zoo on Thursday. The police, fire brigade and zoo staff were therefore involved in safely recapturing the animal. Videos posted to Twitter showed the animal on a busy road in the middle of the South Korean capital.

The young zebra, which was born at the zoo in 2021, according to the BBC, escaped after breaching the wooden fence around its enclosure, according to the Gwangjin Fire Station. Sero was eventually caught by officers with a security fence after entering a narrow alley. He was drugged before being taken back to the zoo in the back of a truck. An official at Children’s Grand Park Zoo told the Associated Press that the zebra has been examined by veterinarians and is in stable condition. According to the zoo, it houses more than 400 animals, including Korean dogs, monkeys and donkeys.


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