“Sorry for your family, I’m telling the truth” … Nordahl Lelandais delivers his story of the murder and sticks to his version of the facts

Nordahl Lelandais on the second day of his trial before the Assizes of Savoy. – Marie WILLIAMS / AFP

  • Nordahl Lelandais has been on trial since Monday before the Assize Court of Savoy for the murder of Corporal Arthur Noyer.
  • On the second day of his trial, the former dog handler delivered his version of the events that occurred on the night of April 11 to 12, 2017 during which the 23-year-old corporal was killed.
  • He camped on his previous statements given to investigators by indicating that the corporal had died after falling backwards during an exchange of blows. A version that the prosecution does not believe, convinced that that evening, Lelandais was looking for someone to satisfy a sexual drive.

At the Assize Court of Savoy

On the first day of his trial Monday, Nordahl Lelandais had promised “to tell the truth”. This is what he applied to do this Tuesday afternoon by delivering his version of the events that occurred on the night of April 11 to 12, 2017, during which Corporal Arthur Noyer was killed. In a neat, calm story, interspersed with long silences sometimes reminiscent of a repeated version, the ex-handler, with a neat pace, recounted his meeting with the victim, hitchhiked in Chambéry.

That evening, the young corporal leaves the club after a very alcoholic evening with his comrades and tries to reach Saint-Badolph, where one of his friends lives. The accused accepts “because it does not make him a big detour”. According to him, Arthur Noyer seems annoyed. The discussion between them revolves around the theft of the young corporal’s laptop. Arrived at Saint-Badolph, the soldier gets out of the car and evokes the idea of ​​returning to Chambéry to “go and explain himself to the people who stole his phone”. Nordahl Lelandais tries to dissuade him, he explains from his box. Then, before leaving, he sees that Arthur Noyer has forgotten his phone in the passenger seat. He gets out of his car to give it back to her.

The first blows carried by the corporal

“He thought I was with those who stole his phone. He punched me in the lip, ”assures the ex-dog handler who explains that he tried to reason with the corporal. “But he gave me a second blow. From there, I replied with punches, ”he continues. A fight ensues between the two men during which Arthur Noyer “falls back”.

“At that point, I do not really react,” recalls the accused. He brings his ear to the corporal’s mouth to try and feel his breath. “I put my hand on his chest but there is no movement”, continues the one who assures to have lavished two heart massages on Arthur Noyer before realizing that the young man of 23 years was dead. The former soldier says he then drove, hesitated, made U-turns before finding a place to leave the corpse.

At the end of his story, sobs in his voice, he apologizes. “Sorry Arthur. I know you are in front of me today. Sorry for your family, I’m telling the truth, ”he blurted out, looking at the portrait of the young corporal posed in front of him by the Walnut clan. When the hearing was suspended, the victim’s grandfather left the room in tears. The lawyer for the civil parties denounces “cinema, a well-rehearsed version”. “The grandfather was particularly shocked by what he heard. He says to himself that he says it with such aplomb, that he prepared this version so well for four years and that he is so convinced by this version that he will never come out ”, underlines Me Bernard Boulloud. .

The sex life of the accused in great detail

The prosecution is based on the testimonies given by the various companions and sexual partners of Lelandais to consider a completely different course of events. At the bar of the Assize Court, Tuesday morning, four women and a man took turns to describe the former soldier, during stories largely evoking the intimate life of the accused, with bisexual inclinations. A man capable of being affectionate and tender, according to some accounts, but also “manipulator”, “liar”, “jealous” and “violent”, according to the personality traits evoked by his exes. One of them, who said she was harassed and threatened after their break-up, repeated that she was really afraid of Nordahl Lelandais. Rather, his other partners described a man who was cold, addicted to cocaine, with peculiar manners and “enormous” sexual appetite. An important part of his personality according to the prosecution lawyer, Maître Boulloud.

“He is someone who was very focused on sex (…) He can do anything when he is lacking”, he underlined, estimating that the corporal could have been killed for having refused ” something that Nordahl Lelandais asked for ”. Sexual favor? The former soldier should have to explain himself more on this hypothesis during his interrogation scheduled for Thursday, as on his pressing sexual desire that night, and not satisfied. The investigation has indeed shown that during the evening before the murder, he contacted one of his partners to have a sexual relationship with her. She sent him for a walk. On April 11, Nordahl also sent a message to Richard, 30, a man with whom he had some sex during brief encounters at Lac d’Aiguebelette.

“I could very well have ended up like Corporal Noyer”

Meetings to which Lelandais appeared dressed in military, at the request of his young partner, dressed all in latex. “It was a fantasy”, explained at the bar the young man indicating to be mounted himself in the trunk of Lelandais during their first meeting within the framework of a sexual scenario. “While trying to remain objective, I did not detect him as someone dangerous or unhealthy”, however confides the young man who, on the day of the corporal’s death, did not finally meet Nordahl.

“I went to the restaurant with friends, I came home late at night so I did not follow up on his message,” he emphasizes, understanding that the rest of the story could have been quite different. “I could very well have ended up like Corporal Noyer”, he blurted out, before turning in tears in the direction of the parents of the victim: “I’m sorry for you. “

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