Sophie Binet is counting on the mobilization of June 6 because “nothing is written in advance”

Two days of the week that opens are circled in red in the diaries of opponents of the government text on pensions: those of Tuesday and Thursday. “Nothing is written in advance” concerning the reform and everything will depend “on the level of mobilization” during the next day of action on Tuesday, as well as “on the vote on June 8” in the National Assembly, judge in effect the secretary general of the CGT, Sophie Binet, in an interview with Sunday newspaper.

“So far, we have thwarted all predictions. It’s been six months that the inter-union is mobilized, it’s huge. The consequences will depend on the level of mobilization on Tuesday and the vote on June 8. I therefore call on everyone to take to the streets, ”urges Sophie Binet, two days before the 14th day of action at the call of the inter-union.

“We have won the battle of consciences”

“We have scored crucial points: we have won the battle of consciences, put unionism back at the center and caused Emmanuel Macron to lose all social and political majority. And, yes, I confirm it: there is still time for him to find his reason and renounce this reform, ”she assures.

But if the opposition amendments to reintroduce the repeal of the postponement of the legal age to 64 are rejected under Article 40 of the Constitution, emptying the vote of the Liot bill on June 8 of its substance, “It will be a pure democratic scandal,” warns the union official. “It’s unprecedented and it would create a heavy precedent,” she insists, saying she is “very worried about the rise of the far right”. “If she comes to power tomorrow, these authoritarian maneuvers will be able to become a school”.

Asked about the words of Emmanuel Macron who reframed the Prime Minister for having qualified the RN as “heir of Pétain”, she judges that “it is extremely shocking”. “This confirms that Emmanuel Macron is doing the short scale on the far right when he was elected to block him. The RN has never been higher than since he came to power. He bears an overwhelming responsibility.”

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