Solo single: “Forget how”: Peter Fox leads back to the dance floor

solo single
“Forget how”: Peter Fox leads back to the dance floor

The singer Peter Fox on stage at the Lollapalooza Festival at the Berlin Olympic Stadium. photo

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Peter Fox goes one better. After “Zukunft Pink” the Seeed singer released another solo single. Is the expected album now coming?

After his success with “Zukunft Pink”, Seeed singer Peter Fox has released a new solo single with “Vergessen wie”. However, the 51-year-old did not initially announce a new album on Friday.

He doesn’t want to know anything about a comeback either. The musician had a huge success with his first solo album “Stadtaffe” in 2008. Last year, the dance floor specialist was on the road with a celebrated Seeed tour.

Fox secured prominent support for the lyrics of the new song. Kraftklub singer Felix Kummer, one of the busiest songwriters of recent years, contributed to the lines.

The somewhat slower but danceable beats of “Vergessen wie” lead back to the dance floor. Fox – described in the accompanying text as “over 40 kids my age” – celebrates memories of the nightlife of the past and the return to the clubs and bars. “Nobody calls” the song says first, the days pass by in the same way. But Fox “wants to get out into the night”, off the sofa, away from “Glotz&Chill”.

The chorus analyzes the situation: “Have forgotten how” and “don’t know how to do it anymore / but the city is alive”. The way back into the scene evokes old attitudes: “And it can’t be / isn’t ok / to lie down before one /”. Although the refrain lines with a celebrated night turn into “know how to do it again”, time has also left its mark on the returnees from the dance floor: “Who of you can do it again tomorrow?”

A video for the new single also went online on Friday. On his Facebook account, the singer reports on filming in a seedy glamor disco in Italy.

For the summer, Fox, born Pierre Baigorry in Berlin, has been booked solo for a number of festivals. “Don’t call it a comeback,” says the release of the second single. And further: “But the present has just become a little bit pinker. See you on the dance floor.”

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