Solana Transactions Recover for First Time Since FTX Crisis – Bitcoin Addict

For the first time in months after the FTX crisis, Solana has begun to recover, according to a report from Citi (C). Analyst Joseph Ayoub said:

“The number of active addresses and daily NFT transaction volume have skyrocketed to pre-FTX levels, demonstrating that users are now more confident.”

Developers are still active on the Blockchain as a new Bonk project is airdropping for Solana users. Solana has to find ways to keep users and developers alike in the Solana ecosystem.

Earlier it was reported that DeGods, the largest NFT collection, had disappeared from Solana’s chain, adding further reminders of the project’s uncertainty over the future.

At the end of last year, Solana’s price dropped more than 20% during Dec. 29, 2022. The next day, ETH project founder Vitalik Buterin posted his support for the project. This caused the coin to surge nearly 100% over the following week, with over $550 million of short traders wiped out over the same period.

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