Soft Waves: This is the elegant counterpart to Beach Waves

Soft waves
This is the elegant counterpart to Beach Waves

Hailey Bieber at the 2022 Oscars afterparty.

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We save the beach waves for the summer holidays and in spring we focus on gentle waves à la Hailey Bieber. That’s how it works.

As different as they are, the 2022 hairstyle trends have one thing in common: they live from their naturalness. Hailey Bieber’s (25) soft waves still look glamorous and can be restyled in just a few simple steps.

The shine is crucial. Soft Waves are characterized – in contrast to the related Beach Waves – by a shinier, smoother structure. Roughing saltwater sprays are therefore taboo when styling.

Instead, use a straightening iron or curling iron to create waves. Treat the lower half of the hair strand by strand with this. Keep the sections of hair short, loose and wrap them around the tool in different directions. This gives the soft waves their characteristic irregularity. Then comb the hair lightly with your fingers. Some hair oil and shine spray perfect the glowy look.

Who do soft waves suit?

Straight or slightly wavy hair is the ideal starting point for the trendy hairstyle. If you have natural curls, straighten them first and then style them as described. Soft waves are particularly effective in combination with balayage or highlights. The light strands further enhance the shine effect.


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