Söder promises help for owners of oil and pellet heating systems – Bavaria

After the non-consideration of heating oil and pellets customers in the case of energy hardship aid from the federal government, Bavaria wants to take over this in full. “We replace the money that is missing from the federal government,” said CSU leader and Prime Minister Markus Söder on Friday after a meeting of the party executive in Munich. The aid programs are currently being prepared accordingly so that aid can be applied for if energy costs are threatened to be exceeded.

With a view to the decision of the Bundestag Budget Committee not to include heating oil and pellet customers in the federal hardship aid, Söder spoke of a “breach of word”. He was referring to a different announcement by the federal government and an agreement between the federal government and the prime ministers of the federal states.

A recent decision by the budget committee of the Bundestag shows that the financial support from the federal government for energy hardship regulations for small and medium-sized companies does not include any aid for heating oil and pellets. The hardship regulations should be limited to the relief of electricity and grid-bound energy sources (gas, heat) and not be extended to grid-bound energy sources such as heating oil and pellets, it says.

The aim of the hardship aid is that small and medium-sized companies receive additional money if they are hit particularly hard by the energy crisis. The federal government makes funds available to the states via the Economic Stabilization Fund. The specific disbursement and design of the aid is carried out by the federal states. According to Head of State Florian Herrmann (CSU), the application in Bavaria will probably be delayed until mid-February due to the changed statements from Berlin. Actually, the technical requirements should have already been completed.

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