Söder and Laschet at the CSU party convention – they bear each other – Bavaria

Can one morning straighten everything that has slipped for months? At the CSU party conference in Nuremberg, Laschet and Söder demonstrate unity. And the delegates act as if they just wanted to smack away everything that was before.


Roman Deininger and Andreas Glas, Nuremberg

Saturday morning in the Nuremberg exhibition center begins with two pastors getting the delegates in the mood for the day. A fixed ritual at party congresses of the CSU. But Lorenz Wolf gives the impression a bit as if warning words could be particularly appropriate this time. Almost two hours before CDU leader Armin Laschet is expected in Nuremberg, the prelate speaks about respect, also for those “whom I can’t stand”. Then, this biblical sentence, like a heading for this party congress: “Bear yourselves!”


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