Snail operation on the ring road, blockades … Farmers demonstrate against the future CAP

During the demonstration of farmers, Thursday morning, at the call of the FDSEA 31 and JA 31. – GN 31

Dozens of kilometers of slowdown were recorded this Thursday morning on the roads of the Haute-Garonne department, in particular on the highways leading to the Pink City. They were foreseeable since for a week, at the call in particular of the
FDSEA31, the farmers had announced their desire to go to the prefecture to oppose the provisions of the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Motorists driving towards Toulouse on the A64, the A62, the A68 or even the RN 124 crossed the path of the tractors, in a convoy during a snail operation carried out throughout the morning. At interchange number 35 of the A64, near Muret, the road was even cut after the tires spilled on the road.

The first convoys arrived in the city center in the middle of the morning and are stationed on the boulevards, near the Monument des Combattants, a stone’s throw from the prefecture.

The circulation of Tisséo public transport is disrupted. The L1 bus line has in fact been diverted since 10 a.m.

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