“Sloppy” concert? Kendji Girac’s attitude castigated after his visit to the Parc des Oiseaux

A “too short concert”, a “lack of interaction with the public”, a “lack of recall” and enthusiasm on stage close to sea level … The list of grievances is long. Three days after Kendji Girac’s visit to the Musical Festival at the Parc des Oiseaux in Ain, fans do not hide their bitterness. The organizers either, although they now refuse to comment on the subject.

Accused of having “a big head” and of being “gone like a thief”, the singer was disappointed, as evidenced by the number of comments posted on the event page. “At 65 euros instead, I will make the effort to play for two hours”, comments a user. “So furious and disappointed when I left the park when I had the chance to attend two other concerts this year in a warm atmosphere with artists happy to be there, invested, generous”, adds a second. “Very nice show, but 50 minutes is overkill at the cost of space. He could at least have come back to sing one last song and say goodbye to the audience, ”a third completes.

“A situation is totally beyond our control”

The artist only took the stage for 50 minutes, once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Speaking of a concert “booked in October”, the singer’s manager flew Monday evening to the aid of the star in the columns of the Progress : “The organization then wanted to do two and reduced the concert to one hour”, pleads Hakim Nassouh. What strongly denies the director of the festival. Contacted by 20 minutes the latter preferred to stick to the initial press release.

“This situation is totally beyond our control since it results neither from the contractual conditions agreed with the artist’s production which provided for two performances, nor from the conduct of two concerts on the same day since the schedules had been agreed in consultation with production in order to leave the necessary time between the two performances ”, replies Emmanuel Visentin by means of a press release. And to drive home the point: “At no time during the discussions with the producer, was it mentioned a reduction in the normal duration of the two performances. “

The manager of the artist, deploring “a lack of information”, however assured that the disappointed fans would be “invited to a new concert”. Not sure, however, that it is in Ain …

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