Slippery winter weather – map shows where it’s snowing

Slippery winter weather – map shows where it’s snowing

The weather will be wintry over the next few days – albeit in the unsightly, gray and sometimes slippery version

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The weather in Germany fluctuates between black ice, rain and snow. An interactive map shows where precipitation can be expected.

A high and a low are currently fighting over the influence on the weather in Germany. According to forecasts by meteorologists, the cloudy, cold gray will dominate in large parts of the country in the next few days. You can expect the full range of January weather: snow, rain and black ice.

However, meteorologists are not currently expecting massive snowfalls, as was recently feared in some media.

The map shows the current forecast for fresh snow and is provided by the portal

According to “”, the sun can occasionally penetrate this Wednesday, but for the most part the high “Beate” brings a lot of grey, so high fog dominates the weather. From the evening, the Atlantic low “Liam” will move from the north across Germany and on Thursday and Friday continue towards the middle and then to the southeast. Black ice rain is possible. It’s snowing too. The German Weather Service (DWD) from Offenbach also warns of freezing rain, local storms are possible.

Weather is currently a kind of “tough mush”

Snow is mainly expected in eastern Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg on Thursday night, but the DWD estimates that only moderate precipitation should fall there. The weather experts expect light snowfalls across Germany by Friday, especially at higher altitudes. It will probably not snow on the coasts.

The news portal “” aptly describes the current situation as “tough winter mush”. According to the forecasts, this will still determine our weather for the next few days at least. Some roads may be slippery.

Sources: ““, German Weather Service

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