Six good reasons to go see Justine Triet’s film

The Palme d’or won in May by Justine Triet caused a lot of ink to flow. And not just for cinematic reasons. Because the director (the third awarded at Cannes after Jane Campion and Julia Ducournau, the second in two years) had taken the liberty of deliver a bitter observation on government policy rather than offering glamorous tears of thanks…

But Anatomy of a fall is better than the controversy and all the reactions that followed. Because it’s quite simply a great cinema film and 20 minutes explains why.

“Anatomy of a fall” is not a default palm

The choice of the Palme d’Or is not always unanimous within a jury, but is most often based on a consensus. At the end of the Cannes Film Festival, Ruben Ostlund confided that the screening of Justine Triet’s film had been experienced by his team as “a very intense collective experience”. And the president of the jury added: “that’s all I expect from the cinema”.

“Anatomy of a Fall” will make you fall from above

The pitch is quick and easy. Sandra, Samuel and their 11-year-old visually impaired son, Daniel, have been living far from everything in the mountains for a year. One day, Samuel is found dead at the foot of their house. A suspicious death investigation has been opened. But sometimes, the testimonies of some get tangled up, the memory of others fails… Accident, suicide or homicide? Sandra is charged despite the doubt. A year later, Daniel attends his mother’s trial, or rather the dissection of the couple she formed with her father.

Each statement turns out to be sharp as a scalpel blow which, by the effect of surprise it produces, shakes our certainties. It works all the better if you can identify with most of the protagonists.

“Anatomy of a fall” is a film of genres, in the plural

It is first of all a marital drama that is tinged with thriller before becoming a trial film. Above all, it is a film with a keen sense of suspense. The nod of the title to Anatomy of a murder by Otto Preminger is not accidental. “It’s perhaps the most intimate film I’ve made,” said the filmmaker at Cannes.

With Arthur Harari, director ofOnoda and her companion in life, Justine Triet took advantage of the confinement to write a breathtakingly suspenseful script, where the plot tightens its grip like in the best Hitchcock films, another reference from the director.

“Anatomy of a fall” is a feminist film that does not say its name

After The Battle of SolferinoVictoria And Sybil, Justine Triet draws a new portrait of a strong woman, very sure of herself. At least in appearance, because the director likes nothing less than to reveal the fragility and the doubts of her heroines. This time, it is the cracks of a couple, its imbalances that are brought to light. “In a couple, what do we owe each other? asks Justine Triet. What do we give each other? Is reciprocity possible? These are questions that work for me and which are not addressed that much in the cinema. »

If we place ourselves instead on the side of this woman suspected of a crime that she may not have committed, nothing proves that she did not commit it, precisely. And we watch for his reactions, annoying or disarming, as soon as a new clue to his possible guilt arises.

“Anatomy of a fall” confronts two breathtaking actors

“I wanted to return a film with Sandra Hüller, confides Justine Triet to 20 minutes. Already on the set of Sybil, it had been very, very strong. Virginie Efira and Adèle Exarchopoulos were completely fascinated by her. Everything goes through his body. There is an exceptional letting go in her, which gives her playing a very intense and very simple, very true side. “Faced with the German actress, discovered in France in Toni Erdmanit needed an actor of the caliber of Antoine Reinartz as a prosecutor who constantly comes back to the charge.

“He is a character who wants to make his truth heard and does not spare his efforts to counter the defense lawyer played by Swann Arlaud, told us Antoine Reinartz in Cannes. The work of convincing jurors is not far removed from that of an actor trying to seduce his audience. The comedian has shaved his head, which makes his stubborn somersault character as “seductive” as it is disturbing.

“Anatomy of a fall” is a film with dog

It should not be forgotten that the day before the Palme d’Or, the dog of the film, Messi, had received the Palm dog. The jury for this prize was captivated by “the real canine cinematic performance” of the boarder collie who embodies Snoop, the guide dog of a visually impaired child. You have to see him, for example, simulating with force and conviction fainting and vomiting.

“The look of the dog is something that is very interesting, explains Justine Triet to 20 minutes, because it is a look that does not cheat. It’s also a way of getting in the way when you turn, because turning with an animal is complicated. In Victoria, there was already a little dog who came to give proof… But Victoria’s dog was infernal, he couldn’t do anything. This one was much more talented. Life is pretty well done. They gave the Palm Dog to the right dog. »

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