Six environmental activists tried in the Gers for having stopped the peloton

It was the second very media appearance of the collective Last Renovation after that of Roland-Garros. On July 22, on a road in the Gers, six environmental activists forced the Tour de France peloton to stop for ten minutes, in the middle of the 19th stage. Amaury Sport Organization (ASO), the race’s organizing company, initially filed a complaint, then withdrew it.

But that did not prevent the six activists from appearing this Tuesday before the Auch criminal court for obstructing the circulation of vehicles on a public road.

“We marched, we demonstrated, we did a whole bunch of actions within the legal framework to make our demands heard, but it didn’t work. It was the last resort, ”explained a young activist at the helm. “The roles were well defined, we even received training before acting. We had chosen a straight zone, with visibility to prevent the action from being dangerous, ”she said.

“A worrying ecological situation”

The collective acts “for everyone” and “wishes to bring to the fore a worrying ecological situation”. He “demands a thermal renovation of buildings, but nothing is put in place in a serious way”, added another activist.

“Weren’t there other legal means to warn about the importance of the thermal renovation of buildings? “Launched the public prosecutor, Jacques-Edouard Andrault, describing the action as” dangerous, even if the defendants say they took measures to avoid the accident “. Because of their clean criminal records, he said he wanted to show “moderation” and requested a joint sentence of 500 euros fine, including 300 suspended.

Judgment has been reserved for January 24, 2023.

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