Situation in Iran: Iran attacks Kurds in northern Iraq

Status: 11/21/2022 4:29 am

According to Iraqi reports, Iran has again attacked Kurdish targets in northern Iraq. Tehran accuses the Iranian-Kurdish opposition groups of fueling the protests in the country. A sixth death sentence has since been imposed.

According to local authorities, Iranian troops have again attacked Iranian-Kurdish opposition groups in northern Iraq. “The Revolutionary Guards have again bombed Iranian-Kurdish parties,” said the anti-terror service of the autonomous region of Kurdistan in Iraq, without giving any information on possible victims.

The Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDKI) and the nationalist Iranian Kurdish organization Komala said the Iranian attacks were aimed at them. These “indiscriminate attacks” are coming at a time when “the Iranian terror regime” is unable to stop the ongoing protests in Iran’s Kurdish areas, the PDKI said.

The Iraqi state news agency INA also reported “Iranian rocket fire and drone strikes” targeting “three Iranian opposition parties in Kurdistan” in Iraq.

A week ago, Tehran used rockets and drones to attack groups in the Kurdistan region of Iraq that she had classified as “terrorist”. Tehran accuses Iranian-Kurdish exile groups in northern Iraq of fueling the nationwide protests in Iran. While there are protests across Iran, they are particularly numerous in the Kurdish areas of the west.

Celebrities arrested

The AFP news agency reported that two well-known actresses have been arrested in Iran after taking off their headscarves in public.

Hengameh Ghasian, who has repeatedly criticized the regime for its violent response to the protests, released a video of her removing her headscarf. “Maybe this will be my last post,” she wrote. “Whatever happens to me, you should know that I will stand with the Iranian people until my last breath.” Katajun Riahi was also arrested, according to AFP.

Sixth Death Sentence

In addition, the Revolutionary Court in Tehran is said to have sentenced another demonstrator to death. It is the sixth death sentence in connection with the protests. According to human rights organizations, more than 370 people have been killed in the protests.

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