“Sing my song”: Clueso “stayed away the spit”

The first episode of the new season “Sing mein Song” is dedicated to Clueso. In the interview, the singer talks about emotional moments.

The ninth season “Sing my song – the exchange concert” (8:15 p.m. on VOX and RTL+). As in the previous edition, Johannes Oerding (40) will host the music show. The first episode is dedicated to the pop singer Clueso (42). In addition to Oerding, Nightwish front woman Floor Jansen (41), the SDP duo Vincent Stein (38) and Dag-Alexis Kopplin (38), singer-songwriter Lotte (26), soul singer Kelvin Jones (27) and singer Elif (29) perform his songs.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Clueso reveals why he didn’t want to take part in “Sing meine Song” for a few years and what made him take part. In addition, the musician talks about emotional moments in the show, the death of his beloved grandfather and explains why he is not a fan of talk shows.

Why did you want to take part in “Sing meine Song”?

Clueso: I canceled a few years. Not because I don’t like the format. I’ve always liked it and watched a few episodes online. However, I haven’t had a TV connection for 20 years, so I’ve never been able to follow it on TV. But I never wanted to be part of an album production because then you have a deadline. After all, it’s a huge opportunity, because the program is very popular and you can present yourself. Now my album was done and the team was great – that’s why I joined. I’ve known many of them for a number of years. Vincent Stein and Dag-Alexis Kopplin from SDP, for example, are friends of mine.

How nervous were you before the first day of shooting?

Clueso: Incredibly nervous because my show was the first. Also, I’m the oldest. I wasn’t aware of that at the beginning. Suddenly I noticed that many associate something with my music. It was absolutely beautiful and touched me. After all, artists are vain (laughs). I associate a lot of moments with my songs – we played one title at my grandfather’s funeral. When someone then performs this song, it moves you. That is also the concept of the show.

What emotional moments were there on the show?

Clueso: There were an incredible number. I actually thought there would be fewer – because SDP is there and the guys are very funny. Then suddenly Dag-Alexis opened up and told private things. Kelvin Jones really impressed me. He learned German again for the show – Floor Jansen too. Kelvin read a letter in German in which he stands up for the black community. That was a very emotional moment. I’m a little quieter. I have my biographical accidents, but I’ve rarely talked about them on TV.

So there were a few tears, too?

Clueso: There’s no getting around it. My grandfather died recently and I was very close to him. I’m also releasing a song with him, recorded an album with him. He was one of my best friends. I performed a song by Elif and sang about my grandpa in the verses – from his childhood to my childhood to his death. Even the spit stayed away from me. You think you’re going to pull it off and I had rehearsed it a few times before. And suddenly it hits you.

Would you say that this song was the biggest challenge?

Clueso: I found them all tricky. Of course I could have just sung the songs. Rarely, however, did the text correspond one hundred percent to my experiences. Plus, I just love to write. At one point it was almost embarrassing because not much was left of Floor Jansen’s song. But it’s my way of showing how much I love this genre. I made a grunge metal version of Nightwish’s “Sleeping Sun”. At Kelvin Jones I translated a song into German – with my own Clueso words. I edited “Im February” by Johannes Oerding. In it he sings about a friend who was in a car accident. But I didn’t want to make it so sad and wrote from Johannes’ point of view 20 years later. In the end it just worked, I had a lot of fun with it.

But aren’t you also a bit afraid that you might end up disappointing the original artist?

Clueso: No, because I really tried. I worked on it until I was satisfied. As long as I like it, I don’t really care what other people say about it. Someone might not feel it, but I totally feel it and can stand behind it. Also, everyone can listen to the original. I often feel like this. Many complain and think that there is too much trap on my new albums. People should just listen to my other eight albums. I’m doing this kind of music now and I’m very pain free. When I’m happy with myself, everything is fine.

Is there an artist you were most looking forward to?

Clueso: Even before it was clear that we were going to “Sing mein Song” together, I recorded a song with Elif and kept it for almost a year. We’ve been waiting for a special moment. In the first show we finally performed “Moon” together. I was really looking forward to singing this duet. I was very excited about Floor Jansen – after all, she is a world star with an incredible voice. I’m a short note singer who sings very narratively and storytelling – but I can’t sustain long notes. Johannes Oerding, on the other hand, can do that very well. But I was looking forward to all of them and I’m very picky. If there had been someone whose work or character I didn’t like, it would have been difficult for me to participate at all. I can’t sit and smile if I don’t like something. Although I have nothing against crazy things. I would have found a DJ Bobo or Scooter cool. I don’t like it when it’s too sticky.

This season was again filmed in South Africa. How much were you looking forward to it?

Clueso: We didn’t have much free time. The recordings went late into the night. But you also drink a little something during the show. Somehow you try to be fit again the next day. At the sound check I sometimes felt like Captain Jack Sparrow with sunglasses (laughs). I just hoped that the voice would be back by the evening. But I was looking forward to South Africa – even if we were all a bit concerned about Corona. We all took a step back beforehand and are no longer outside the door. And luckily everything went well.

The show sheds light on the careers and lives of each individual. Do you find it very difficult to open up?

Clueso: I don’t like going on talk shows because I don’t want to talk too much about personal things. I had my biographical faux pas, but I don’t want to damage anyone. Some things I would hurt people if I told them. On the other hand, I had a special relationship with my grandfather and have often mentioned him in interviews. People knew he existed. That’s why I had no problem talking about his death. It’s also my way of processing things – I write a song about it. In Germany there are only a few talk shows where you really do crosstalk. With “Sing meine Song” I thought it was great that nobody interfered. Someone said when it would start, and then they just let us do it. That’s why it’s not difficult to tell things.

Was there an artist who surprised you the most?

Clueso: Actually all of them. Nobody sang just one song. Everyone has put their hearts into it. So there were many surprises. For example, Elif did a dance version of Chicago. I wasn’t aware before that this was even possible. Lotte grabbed me emotionally with “Winner”. Kelvin Jones did a funk soul version of “Tanzen”. Floor Jansen sang in German. I just liked them all.


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