Sido: drugs and cheating confession – “got out of hand”

The German rapper Sido, here in August 2021 in the Steigerwald Stadium, shocked the “Spiegel” interview with a drug confession.

Pills, cocaine and speed made rapper Sido’s life fall apart. Now the musician admits what really broke his marriage.

“Everything got out of hand. In the end I was in trouble,” reflects Sido. Still in 2019 in the family format “The Voice of Germany”, the rapper is hardly recognizable three years later. Now Sido confessed the background of his turbulent last years.

The beginning of his crisis coincided pretty much exactly with the Corona period, says the 41-year-old. It was the eighth year of his marriage. The father of four was faithful for seven years, then the “ghosts” came, reports “Mirror” in an interview with the “Mein Block” interpreter.

Sido: Hard drugs and sex escapades

“Without the withdrawal and the physical checks in the clinic, I probably wouldn’t have survived this summer,” Sido now knows after being admitted in March. Ex-wife Charlotte Würdig (44) made the appointment for his stay.

Paul Würdig, the musician’s real name, blames himself for the marriage-off to the German presenter and actress. Drug excesses and crazy conspiracy theories led to her throwing out the rapper. Rightly so, as Sido says himself, according to the German news website.

As a result, he fell into old patterns in an Airbnb apartment, resorted to drugs, which in turn ended in sex, he now confessed.

Now Sido wants to start over. “After a week I was through with the withdrawal, but I understood that this is just the beginning,” says the music producer. In his ninth album called “Paul” (December 2022), Sido raps about his broken marriage, his drugs and withdrawal. (jxr)

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