Shortage of skilled workers in every sixth profession – economy

There is a shortage of skilled workers in every sixth profession. This is the result of an analysis by the Federal Employment Agency. Accordingly, there was a bottleneck in 200 of the approximately 1,200 assessed professions last year. That was 52 more than a year earlier, the authority announced on Friday in Nuremberg. According to the analysis, the nursing professions, professional drivers, medical specialists, construction professions, childcare, automotive engineering and IT professions are affected by the shortage of skilled workers. Compared to the previous year, hotel or catering services, metal construction and bus drivers have been added in 2022. According to the analysis, half of the vacancies last year were in one of these occupations with a shortage of skilled workers. However, the study also makes it clear how much there is a difference between supply and demand when it comes to filling vacancies: Of the skilled workers who were registered as unemployed, only 26 percent were looking for a job in one of the bottleneck occupations.

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