shooting in a district visited a few hours earlier by Jean Castex

The Pissevin district in Nîmes. – Jérôme Diesnis / Maxele Presse Agency

A 28-year-old man was seriously injured by gunfire in the popular Pissevin district of Nîmes. He was in a vehicle this Sunday around 6 am, in the popular district, when several shots were fired in their direction.

A bullet hit him near the heart. Its vital prognosis is no longer engaged. He was transported to the CHU by the driver, heard in the premises of the PJ. The victim is unfavorably known to the police.

Jean Castex mentioned a few hours earlier the rehabilitation of condominiums

This new shooting comes just hours after the arrival in the district of Jean Castex. The Prime Minister was accompanied by the Ministers Delegate for the City, Housing and Citizenship. He mentioned in particular possible aid for the rehabilitation of very badly degraded condominiums in the Pissevin district.



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