Shock video at the slaughterhouse, negligent assistant and crisis at FC Barcelona

Did you miss the early morning news? We have concocted a recap to help you see more clearly.

Calves almost at term, suffocated dead after the slaughter of pregnant cows. Blood taken to extract fetal serum. Cattle still conscious after having been slaughtered during ritual slaughter … An investigator from L214, an association for the defense of animals used as food resources, infiltrated the veterinary services of a Bigard slaughterhouse in Cuiseaux (Saône-et-Loire ), and said to have noted the “serious deficiencies” of the inspections in the face of “numerous breaches of the regulations”. The Ministry of Agriculture has promised “a thorough investigation of the practices of this slaughterhouse” and a “full inspection of the establishment” on Thursday. “Minister Julien Denormandie will take all the necessary measures, and in particular the sanctions,” added the ministry.

The beginning of an answer. According to an audition report, the assistant director on the film Rust admitted that he had not checked all the bullets in the barrel of the pistol given to Alec Baldwin. On Wednesday, the prosecutor said that no one was “excluded” concerning possible prosecutions, including the actor, author of the shooting which killed the director of photography Halyna Hutchins. The prosecutor believes, however, that it is “too early”, with an investigation continuing. During his hearing, assistant director Dave Halls explained to police that he had checked the barrel of the pistol, to make sure that no debris was lodged there. But he “only remembers seeing three ammunition, and he said he should have checked all of them,” wrote the policeman who questioned him. Halls does not “remember” if the gunsmith “turned the barrel”.

A year and then goes away. FC Barcelona sacked their Dutch coach Ronald Koeman, the Catalan club announced in a statement on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, after the 1-0 defeat at Rayo Vallecano in La Liga, the third in four matches, with a Barça in 9th position in the standings and in danger in the Champions League. “FC Barcelona removed Ronald Koeman from his duties as coach of the first team this night,” announced the Catalan club, specifying that President Joan Laporta had already communicated this decision to the coach. To succeed him, the names of Xavi, Andrea Pirlo and Roberto Martinez are mentioned.

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