“She showed me her breasts”: Christophe Dechavanne facing a surprising actress, with “magnificent” and “natural” breasts

The sequel after the ad

On May 6, 2023, Christophe Dechavanne spoke about an episode of the series Captain Marleau forever etched in his memory. Playing the role of a policeman, the former host of The wheel of fortune had to play the surprise against Corinne Masiero. A sequence that he had a lot of trouble shooting until the actress found a judicious way to make him lose his means and finally, to capture the right take.

One day you really helped me“, began the acolyte of Léa Salamé.Because I had to play a surprise and I had to open a door and go ‘Captain, how are you?’ because she was in a yoga position – because she does yoga, magnificently well, every day for two hours I believe, except that in the scenario there was a door to open except that there, Josée Dayan she told me said: ‘You come from there!’ And so I had a 12 meter corridor to cross and it was very difficult to play a surprise, since I could see it from 12 meters away!“, continued Christophe Dechavanne. “So I do a first take that’s a little rotten, it sucks, I said: ‘Can I do a second one?’ So Josée doesn’t like me too much, but hey, she lets me do a second one. I said, ‘Can I do a third one?’ and then I say to myself, what am I going to do? So I arrive I don’t look at her, I look at the cop who is on the left, and I arrive and then all of a sudden she looks at me and then she shows me her breasts!“, he shared.

Gorgeous breasts

Did you show her your breasts?” asked Léa Salamé, very surprised. “well yeah“, replied Corinne Masiero, used to showing her chest and present on the set for the promotion of her new film The marginal (which has not taken off at all since its release in theaters on May 3). “She showed me her breasts which are magnificent too, really. Well, she does yoga. And so very beautiful breasts. And they were natural. And there for once, the grip is super good because I was really surprised“, finally concluded Christophe Dechavanne, with great gratitude, the former host of the show Hi it’s us.

During the show, Léa Salamé also received Manu Payet, Marianne James, Vincent Chalembert, Alain Bauer, Hugo Micheron and Coach Joe, the sports teacher from the last season of the star Academy.

On the audience side, the show what a time gathered 1,154,000 viewers or 18.7% of PDA.

The sequel after the ad

The sequel after the ad

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