She launches boxes of second-hand books to “give them a second life”

Aurélie Bannwarth and her box. – Aurélie Bannwarth

  • Aurélie Bannwarth had the idea, during the first confinement, to create the “Second Souffle box”. A box with subscription with books… second-hand.
  • “I didn’t invent anything on the reading boxes, it already existed! But with the occasion, I had never seen this before. I like to give them the opportunity to seduce another reader rather than staying forever on a shelf, ”explains the Alsatian.
  • In these boxes, it also adds some surprises …

New episode in the “confinement gives ideas” series! This time, the initiative comes from Alsace, where Aurélie Bannwarth created the… “Second Souffle box”. “Originally, I wanted to open a tea room with books and board games, I had even started a business plan,” rewinds the person concerned. “But with the Covid-19, I had to change my plans, it was no longer possible. “

This is where the forced teleworking and the care of his two children from mid-March to May 10 (also) had good. “I was very happy that I was loaned books during this time. My husband then told me that I could take some of my tea room to people… ”

His box of second-hand books had just been created. Time to think about all the ins and outs, to create a site and register his company, Aurélie Bannwarth launched in mid-November. Since then, around a hundred people have subscribed to its new concept.

Not just books, surprises!

“I didn’t invent anything on the reading boxes, it already existed!” She laughs. But with the occasion, I had never seen this before. I like giving them the opportunity to woo another reader rather than sitting on a shelf forever. It’s a second life, hence the choice to call the box Second Souffle. “

The principle remains simple, with many possible formulas: one or more months with one or two books, one for children from 3 to 10 years old, one for families, etc. “In all cases, the person who registers then fills out a questionnaire according to his tastes. Then I make a suggestion with the title and a summary of the work. If she’s already read it or if she doesn’t like it, I’ll make another proposal, ”explains the entrepreneur, who chooses a book from the“ 400 bought from individuals on the right to left ”in recent months. All in pocket size because “it’s practical, light and fits well in a letterbox. “

In these boxes, the native of Fréjus who “grew up in Alsace” also adds some “surprises”. Tea, cakes, stationery, coloring for children… “I try to find the most ethical quality products possible”, assures the designer, also an artist in her spare time. The first subscribers were thus able to find bookmarks and cards of his own creation.

A “Second wind” box.
A “Second wind” box. – Aurélie Bannwarth

“I know why I get up in the morning”, sums up Aurélie Bannwarth with a smile, who has not yet made a living from her new job. “I would need around 130-150 boxes per month”, she estimates, the cheapest costing 17.50 euros. “The right price. Obviously with a little bit of added value because I’m not Santa Claus! “

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