“She is always right …” We watched the debate with Marine Le Pen fans

” He annoys me. I do not support it. “He’s all slouched, he looks really worn out. Wednesday evening, in Vallauris, at 69 avenue Georges-Clemenceau, the tone, sometimes mocking, very often rose in front of the TV connected to TF1 and the debate between the two rounds of the presidential election. Always against Emmanuel Macron. In his permanence, Lionel Tivoli, elected RN of this maralpine commune of almost 26,000 inhabitants, welcomed a handful of voters all committed to the cause of “Marine” Le Pen. And 20 minutes was able to follow their exchanges, very often inflamed by the interventions of the outgoing president.

Grégory Balsamo, a 25-year-old blind designer who came with his family, has a voice that carries. Management of the Covid-19 crisis, economy, societal issues… “He did anything in all areas”, he slices. Before getting out the claws: “He cuts her off all the time. It’s unbearable. In addition, he has not prepared anything, he steals all his ideas. »

Macron’s “contempt” for Le Pen’s “charisma”

Between a nem and a bite of Cantonese rice, bought in the Chinese restaurant next door, her brother Loïc, 19, also praises the program of the far-right candidate, “especially for what she wants to do for apprenticeship and for the low salaries of the students”. Their sister Amandine is also there. At 14, she does not yet have the right to vote but already defends “the charisma” of the one who is displayed everywhere on the walls of the local. Sitting around the table, also covered with packets of XXL crisps, Lionel Tivoli is chomping at the bit. And regularly pulls on his electronic cigarette. “He is so contemptuous”, loose the regional councilor.

“I don’t understand how anyone can oppose Marine. She is always right while Macron took people for idiots, also reacts Emmanuelle, a 53-year-old cashier, former convinced Sarkozyst. I went to rallies and I understood that she was not the diabolical person described by some. She is not his father. I have been voting for her and the National Rally since 2017.”

“I am not racist at all”

Her dog Noucky in her arms, she justifies herself, by expressing herself from the outset on the theme of immigration: “As long as you work and pay your taxes, everything is fine. If you come to play the terrorist, it’s outside! It’s normal isn’t it? I do not understand how anyone can oppose this simple reasoning. “She specifies:” I am not at all racist “. And continues: “Soon, we will be asked to veil ourselves too? »

In Lionel Tivoli’s office, Wednesday evening – F. Binacchi / ANP / 20 Minutes

Emmanuel Macron talks on the air about the loans obtained by Marine Le Pen abroad, and in particular in Russia. “You depend on Russian power”, accuses the candidate president. The blood of the assembly runs one round. “He annoys me too much, I go out for a cigarette,” says Emmanuelle, quickly joined by Patricia. Cashier too, this 50-year-old Vallaurian had already got carried away with Emmanuel Macron’s satisfaction with the health crisis. ” Let’s talk about it. School closings… It’s nonsense and it’s dramatic. My daughter has completely dropped out, ”she laments.

The 50 also fell from his chair when the discussions revolved around unemployment and the crucial question of pensions. “He puts the stories of hardship on his own when it was she who spoke about it first,” she complains. “Me, I’ve worked all my life and I can’t even go on vacation. How is it possible not to understand that people are fed up. When I retire, how much will I have? And especially at what age? With Macron, it will be 65 years. No way. Marine must pass. The candidate will propose “a progressive system” with which “those who have had a job between 17 and 20 years old will be able to retire at 60 with 40 annuities”. For the others, it will be 62 years with 42 annuities.

Who wants to “divide the French”?

The debate is progressing. And now focuses on the topic of security. “The situation in the country is really very bad”, judge Marine Le Pen who speaks of “wildness”. She intends to “settle the program of anarchic and massive immigration which contributes to insecurity” and affirms that she wants to “stop the adjustments of sentence”, considered “by the delinquents as total impunity”. Everyone nods steadily. The candidate also wants to “act against Islamism” and “ban the veil in public space”. “She is absolutely right”, punctuates Emmanuelle. The outgoing accuses his competitor of “wanting to create a civil war” and “wanting to divide the French”. “And he didn’t want to divide us with the stories of the vaccine and the health pass”, the spectator is still exasperated.

Taking stock, unsurprisingly, everyone agrees that Marine Le Pen was “great”. “She is doing better than in 2017. She has gained real stature as a head of state. She was really better than him, ”slice Grégory Balsamo. “We discovered a new Navy this evening, abounds Lionel Tivoli. She put the outgoing president in difficulty on many subjects, on the wearing of the veil and on retirement in particular. Several fact-checking articles published live proved him right. For Sunday, the voting intentions of these inhabitants of Vallauris will not have changed one iota. Quite the contrary.

In this commune of the Alpes-Maritimes (27.79% against 23.73%), as in the whole department (26.65% against 25%) and even on the scale of the Paca region (27.60% against 23 .34%), Marine Le Pen had beaten Emmanuel Macron in the first round.

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