She demonstrates in front of the Montfermeil hospital after the death of her baby

“I’m going to come back every day, until they stop despising me. And until they make a complete and fair offer compensating all our damages including our medical expenses. “. Marlène has been crawling since Monday morning at 9:30 a.m. in front of the Montfermeil hospital. In her hand, a sign reads: “My baby is dead. 90% loss of chance of survival following a delay in treatment. Insurer of the Montfermeil hospital, I have been waiting for your offer of full compensation with all my damages for months”.

The life of this mother changed on May 12, 2018. A week before the end, she went to the hospital in Montfermeil, in Seine-Saint-Denis, because of stomach pains. Pains “like period pains”, which tell him that something is going on. But while the pain continued, she was made to wait for an hour and a half at Montfermeil hospital. It is a childcare assistant, and not a midwife or a nurse, who does the sorting, and who puts other patients before her.

What the staff will then discover is that Marlène is having a complication: a placental abruption. “If a gentleman hadn’t threatened them, I think I would have died,” she told 20 minutes. His little girl, Kylie, lacking in oxygen, does not survive, and dies three days later.


Immediately, Marlene knows something has gone wrong. As soon as she woke up, she said to 20 minutes, she thinks about calling the police. In the weeks that followed, she filed a complaint against the hospital and at the end of May 2018 made a report to the Regional Health Agency, which recognized in January 2019 “dysfunctions” and “loss of chances” for the women followed in this hospital because the organization of the maternity ward does not provide for a reception and orientation midwife, nor a place in which she could carry out her duties.

A dismissal was rendered at the end of 2021 and Marlène lost on appeal last January, but her lawyer filed an appeal in cassation. She is now awaiting reparations from the hospital’s insurer, which has not yet offered to compensate all of her damages, while discussions have been underway since October 18. “I ask that the reality of my damages, all my damages, be compensated. It’s not the amount in itself that matters to me, I want people to respect my suffering. »

“They responded on time, but with a very low offer. It’s a classic waiting time for a procedure like this, but it’s long and waiting for a response brings the whole situation back to life,” explains Cohen, Marlène’s lawyer. Contacted by 20 minutesRenan Budet, lawyer at the bar of the insurer of the Montfermeil hospital, indicated that his client did not wish to speak, specifying that confidential talks were in progress.

“I wish my daughter hadn’t died for nothing”

Marlène had a big depression following the death of her baby, she quit her job, like her husband quit his. “They ruined my life” says the one who resents the hospital for the way she was treated after this event. “I had never had any condolences until January. My daughter was not a dog, the least you could do was treat me like a human. »

And above all, she wants her example to serve. “It should be forbidden for a childcare assistant to sort it out, she couldn’t even look at my blood pressure or my fever. I would like my daughter not to have died for nothing, because I think that what happened in Montfermeil, there must be the same things elsewhere. “And to conclude:” I am determined and I need us to assume everything in order to be able to mourn. »

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