Şeyda Kurt: “Tenderness alone is not enough for me”

The author ŞEyda Kurt has written a book about the hatred that grows in looks and gestures, in everyday life and in speaking, in parliamentary speeches and in children’s rooms. A conversation with him stern about true crime documentaries, revenge on one’s own parents and hate as resistance.

Şeyda Kurt grew up in Cologne-Kalk, where she says she lives through a “classic guest worker story”. Today she is above all a pioneer for a young urban milieu, because she reports from perspectives that ignore large parts of the German majority society. Her debut novel “Radical Tenderness” ended up on the “Spiegel” bestseller list for 20 weeks in 2021. In this she called for a move away from asymmetrical love and towards a “radically tender society” in which people turn to each other.

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