Seven last-minute gift ideas… in just a few clicks

As Christmas is fast approaching, you still haven’t finished the endless race for gifts? Do not panic ! 20 minutes has unearthed some cool last-minute gift ideas that you can get in just a few clicks while the turkey roasts in the oven…

The ideal book for lovers of literature

It is not always easy to choose a book to offer and, obviously, your literature buff has already read live fast by Brigitte Giraud, the Prix Goncourt 2022. We have the solution! The lucky recipient of the box Kube will receive each month a book selected especially for him or her by a bookseller. Icing on the madeleine of Proust, each shipment is accompanied by small gifts to enhance the reading. All you have to do is choose your type of subscription (pocket, large format or even youth), its duration (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) and you will immediately receive the gift voucher by email. The lucky winner will only have to make good use of it on the Kube site, then indicate his literary preferences which he can modify each month to receive his personalized box. (Site Informationfrom 23.90 euros)

The unique gift for lovers of “Do-It-Yourself”

A gift idea that will appeal to all those who love crafts and working with their hands! Since 2017, the collective wecandoo offers gift boxes allowing you to spend a few hours in a craftsman’s workshop to create a unique and personalized object. Create a skateboard with a cabinetmaker, make a leather bag with a leather craftsman, discover beekeeping or even blow a glass service with a glass blower, here is an overview of the 1,200 workshops offered, throughout the season. year, to come and create alongside one of the collective’s 800 craftsmen, all over France. A moment of sharing, learning and a meaningful gift that also supports a sector hard hit by the crisis: crafts. Once the gift voucher has been received by email, the recipient only has to choose the time slot they prefer to participate in the workshop and they will leave with their own creation! (Site Informationfrom 50 euros).

The perfect gift for board game fans

As every year, board games will be among the best-sellers of winter 2022. With nearly 1,000 new games per year, the sector, dynamic as it is, weighs around 630 million euros per year in France. If this figure makes you dizzy, others can send shivers down your spine: the interest given to board games and toys does not generally exceed eight months, with the consequence that around 11,000 of them are thrown away. garbage every day. Considering the monumental waste that ensues and instead of buying and hoarding in cupboards, Gameflix offers subscriptions allowing the rental of board games. The lucky recipient will be able to choose from a catalog of more than 700 references and test the chosen game(s) for a month. The delivery and recovery of the game are valid throughout France. Perfect for testing lots of games, without having to invest hundreds of euros in a toy library which also takes up space. (Site Informationfrom 11.99 per month)

The gift to please adventurers

We all have in a corner of our heads what the Anglo-Saxons call a bucket list, a list of things you dream of doing before you die… Take off in a hot air balloon, parachute jump or shiver at the wheel of a racing car. To satisfy the adventurer who lies dormant in each of us, Wonderbox created the #OneLife boxes. Gift cards that will allow the lucky recipient to explore new sensations and get out of their comfort zone: adventure stay in a suspended tent, spectacular paragliding flight, survival course in a hostile environment, unusual night in a real tipi in the middle of nature, extreme sliding at the wheel of a buggy on an icy track, dizzying bungee jumping… It’s time to take in life to the fullest! (Site Information#OneLife boxes from 49.90 euros).

The sensational gift for lovers of good wine

If it is common to offer a good bottle, there are other slightly less classic options to please lovers of good wine! Pro tasting proposes to offer oenology courses to the finest palates. Thanks to this gift voucher, the beneficiary will be able to choose their oenology course on the date of their choice in 26 cities in France, one in Belgium and one in Luxembourg. (, from 59.90 euros) The Little Balloon is a monthly subscription including two bottles of wine selected by the former head sommelier of the Ritz. Each shipment is accompanied by tasting advice, a magazine and gives access to tips. (, from 19.90/month, subscriptions exist in formulas 3 to 24 months). Refiners offer lovers of grands crus a unique experience: it involves renting six vines for the duration of the production of a vintage (one and a half years), going behind the scenes of the winegrower’s profession and then tasting his production. In moderation of course! (Site Information339 euros)

The tasty gift for gourmets

You will never taste your chocolate like before! This is the promise of tell me a chocolate, the only box dedicated to high-end and fair trade dark chocolate around an initiatory journey. Each month, the lucky recipient of this subscription will receive in their mailbox, three bars of dark chocolate selected by Brigitte Bayart, chocolate expert, according to a specific and different theme each month. The bars will be accompanied by a brochure describing the theme of the month with the taste profile of the chocolates and information on the brands and a reusable and also fair-trade burlap pouch. What discover incredible flavors and learn more about the formulation and manufacture of chocolate! (Site Informationfrom 86.99 euros for a three-month subscription).

The brilliant gift for culture lovers

An eclectic selection of cultural events! The French company Cultur’In The City gives access to 1,000 cultural venues throughout France. Choose from more than 90 gift boxes to find the one that will please those around you the most: theater and shows, comedy, stand-up, concerts or heritage gems, and even a special Merry Christmas box that gives you access to a very large offer. with more than 2,000 cultural events throughout France. These boxes are available in physical or dematerialized version (without any delivery time) and are valid for 3 years and 3 months from their date of purchase. (Site Informationfrom 29 euros)

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