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Convenient and practical: How to set up a home office

Setting up a home office: this is how you can work within your own four walls

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Only those who cannot work from home currently go to the office. Many employees are therefore working from home these days. Read here how best to do this.

Every job brings with it special challenges in the home office. Be it the agreement with colleagues or the space required for the equipment. Anyone who works from home a lot needs a well-equipped workplace. Because a good environment promotes concentration and comfort. Here are some things you can do to optimize your home office.

setup workspace

If possible, set up a permanent workplace. This is especially true for those who have little space at home. Find a corner in the living room to settle into. Working from home works best at a desk. Anyone who rarely works within their own four walls can of course also take a seat at the dining table. In any case, you should have enough storage space for your laptop and the like. A classic one is suitable for this, for example Desk with table top and storage space or a height-adjustable table, which you can work on while sitting or standing. The variety prevents tension in the head, neck and shoulder area. Also investing in one ergonomic desk chair can be worthwhile and prevent or alleviate symptoms. Alternatively you can sign up orthopedic seat cushion increase to allow better pressure relief while sitting.

Tip: If you have sensitive hearing or simply don’t have the opportunity to work in peace, you can join noise canceling headphones help out

Sufficient lighting

Good lighting in the workplace is very important. After all, working in front of a glowing monitor is particularly demanding on the eyes. In autumn and winter you have to pay more attention to illuminating your workplace sufficiently. Light ensures a better quality of work and is important for health, well-being and performance. Insufficient light can lead to health problems and improper stress, which is why the right lighting is also crucial in the home office. This LED daylight lamp is ideal for the desk at home, should be easy on the eyes, has five brightness levels and seven color levels as well as a dimmer function.

Technical Equipment

The technical equipment in the office is usually more extensive than in the home office. This is because multiple monitors, mouse and keyboard are available. At home, often only the laptop is used because it can be transported easily and flexibly. If you work from home frequently, consider a second monitor invest. The same could happen Set of mouse and keyboard offer for the home office.

Good connection

Mobile working requires reliable internet at home in most jobs. A high quality router It is therefore worthwhile and should be part of the basic equipment of a home office. If the WLAN is to cover long distances in the house, you can use a practical WiFi repeater improve signal strength.

Keep order

As the saying goes, order is half the life? When it comes to home office, this statement is true. Because private and professional life can easily mix in the workplace at home, the right order is all the more important. For example, try the following desk organizers:

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