Sesame Street: Ernie in his pajamas at the “Daily Issues” studio

Sesame Street
Ernie in his pajamas in the “Daily Issues” studio

“Daily Topics” presenter Caren Miosga with Ernie (r) and Bert during filming on the “Sesame Street” studio set. photo

© Christian Charisius/dpa

“Frau Zamperoni” gets a visit from Ernie and Bert at the end of the “Daily Topics”. “It’s going to be a clean show.”

For the 50th anniversary of “Sesame Street”, the “Daily Topics” let the puppets dance. In excerpts published in advance on the social media channels of the ARD news program, Ernie could be seen in pajamas and Bert in a tie on Friday. “When will pajamas actually prevail here?” Ernie asks in his striped pajamas.

In the conversation with moderator Caren Miosga produced in advance for the broadcast on Friday evening (6.1., 9.45 p.m.), Ernie and Bert also reported on their differences of opinion over the past 50 years and how they have been able to put up with each other for so long.

In the end, Grobi follows in the footsteps of a cleaner who became famous years ago in the NDR’s “Tagesschau” studio in Hamburg and cleans – he calls Miosga “Frau Zamperoni” and says “It will be a clean show”.

The children’s television classic “Sesame Street” with its popular dolls has been shown in Germany since 1973 and is celebrating its 50th anniversary on Sunday (8 January).

In addition to the puppet performance on Friday evening, there will be a “Daily Theme Special: 50 Years of Sesame Street” on Sunday at 7:20 a.m. in the first. In it, the Cookie Monster speaks a comment. This special broadcast will also be moderated by Caren Miosga.

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