September 26, 2002: The ferry “Joola” capsizes – 1863 people die

People have always tried to capture their history in pictures. In the Stone Age it was cave paintings. In ancient Egypt, reliefs adorned the burial chambers of the pharaohs. In ancient Rome, mosaic floors told of great victories of the legions.

In the Middle Ages and in modern times, generals took painters with them to the battlefields. The war reportage in pictures is not an invention of our time. For example, Albrecht Adam accompanied Napoleon on his Russian campaign and made sketches every day that formed the basis for later battle paintings.

star shows pictures of world history

With the invention of photography, painting was finally freed from its task of documentation. Now photographs were taken, which not infrequently wrote history themselves.

In the starphoto series we show you pictures that have captured moments in world history. Click through the picture gallery.

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