Senate adopts new amendment and pushes for gauges proportional to stadium capacities

Would France finally regain reason? This is the question that arises after the proposal of the centrist senator of Tarn et Garonne, Pierre-Antoine Levi, to revisit the amendment adopted on January 3, limiting the capacity of reception in the stadiums to 5,000 people and theaters. A measure that we called for at the very end of last year.

As most French football players and observers have been repeating since the start of the year, this limit of 5,000 spectators has little relevance in football stadiums. “This means that at the Parc des Princes, it is possible to accommodate 5,000 spectators for a capacity of 50,000 places. […] At the same time, a stadium of 5,000 people will be able to refuel, ”he said.

The National Assembly will have to decide

The idea through this new amendment? To “set up an additional 50% gauge, beyond the deductible announced by the government”. Basically, the stadiums could accommodate, in addition to the 5,000 people of the initial capacity, plus half of the other places available. There, a return to the benches of the college is essential: If we stay on the concrete example of the Parc des Princes and its some 47,800 places, that would give us a calculation of the type 5.000 + (47.800 – 5.000) / 2 = 5,000 + 21,400 = 26,400.

The file (and therefore our mental health) is now in the hands of the National Assembly. If the deputies validate this new amendment voted by the Senate on Tuesday evening, we could then very quickly find stadiums a little full and less deadly atmospheres than with 5,000 people. Ladies and gentlemen, the chosen ones, please don’t do anything.

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