Self-proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright Attacks Tether Stablecoin as Dead Coin

Craig S. Wright, widely known in the crypto community for claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto or Faketoshi, took to Twitter to post an attack on the USDT stablecoin issued by Tether.

CSW responded to a tweet by a prominent pseudonymous expert, Mr. Whale, on Twitter after warning the community about a recent statement by the U.S. Securities Regulatory Commission in which they said “proof of reserves” was invalid. What does it mean and does not prove anything about exchange crypto reserves?

Therefore, he believes that the SEC plans to embark on the largest stablecoin issuer. Experts say regulators have recently hinted at such a move. But they avoided talking about it out of fear that this would cause the entire cryptocurrency industry to collapse, with Mr. Whale concluding his tweet with the assumption that “Tether will crash 100%.”

which Craig Wright commented on They said they were exhausted and compared USDT to a dead coin.

Still, USDT remains the most popular USD-pegged stablecoin in the market. It remains in the top three on the cryptocurrency list by CoinMarketCap and the current market value is $79,091,618,240

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