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Cottage style

Black And White Cottage Kitchen
© Ikea

We love this little cottage kitchen for its warm style. The off-white furniture fronts have grooves that give relief to the furniture. The black shell handles stand out on the fronts bringing an authentic side to the room. Besides that, the black is brought by touches thanks to the work plan, but also to the hood, the tap, etc. The latter plays the retro details giving character to the space. We also like the floral paper around the window, a touch of nature inside and the city outside.

A cuisine of character

White Bottom Black Top For Kitchen Douro Terek
© Darty

This black and white kitchen is not lacking in character. There is no bias here, black and white coexist equally in this room. The low furniture focuses on white, bringing light to the space. They catch the light thanks to a lacquered finish, to highlight the tall furniture, the worktop and the splashback which are black. As for the walls, they are white, while for the floor, we put on the black which will be a little less messy.

Elegance par excellence

Elegant Leonardo White And Black Kitchen
© Darty

There is plenty of storage in this kitchen, which is adorned with an immaculate white facade. The worktop has a glossy finish for a very chic result. We particularly appreciate the curves of the central island which break the horizontal lines present on the facades. The tap is rather discreet, because it is black in color, but its design lines make it an aesthetic detail. For the credenza, we bet on a discreet black line at the bottom.

Graphic kitchen

Black And White Kitchen With Hints Of Green
© Ikea

In this white and black kitchen, the fronts of the furniture have a matte finish which gives a very trendy side to the space. For the splashback, we put on white tiles underlined with black, while the upper part plays on black polka dots on a white background. Touches of green add a touch of originality accentuated by a very graphic green wallpaper. For the chairs, we put on mismatched black and green chairs and the wooden table brings a little warmth to the room.

The kitchen more black than white

Lerhyttan Black And White Kitchen
© Ikea

Here, we clearly take the party of black: it dresses all the facades of the furniture whether it is the bottom or the top, but also the chairs, the stools, the front door, the window frames, etc. white worktop gives dimension to the kitchen. Just like the walls and the splashback which also bring a lot of light to the space. The choice of high furniture with glass doors also helps to lighten the atmosphere created by all the furniture.

The kitchen whiter than black

A Bright White Kitchen
© Aviva

In this kitchen, white is in the spotlight. The shiny facades capture the light for a result of the brightest and of great elegance. The work plan, the floor and the splashback create a contrast of the most beautiful effect. We rely on waxed concrete to bring substance and character to the whole.

Scandinavian-style kitchen

Black And White Kitchen With Wood Touches
© Ikea

Scandinavian style naturally finds its place in the kitchen. We then focus on sobriety with white kitchen furniture. Wood brings a cozy touch to this space. This is a rather light wood essence which evokes softness. The chandeliers illuminate the dining area for sharing in a friendly atmosphere.

The warmth of wood

Lerhyttan Black And White Kitchen
© Ikea

This kitchen relies on black furniture with a matte finish. Worthy of a great chef, it is a real invitation to the preparation of meals. Its central island and its numerous storage spaces make it a very functional space. The different touches of wood bring warmth to the room and the white splashback luminosity for a breathtaking result.

Marble for a chic kitchen

Black And Marble In The Denver Kitchen
© Darty

Here, the black furniture is completely smooth and without a handle for a refined look. The worktops, but also the splashbacks, are in marble and add texture to the room. The central island is functional and brings together the hob, the sink area and even a space to eat.

A touch of color

Touches Of Turquoise In This Trendy Black And White Kitchen
© Cuisinella

This black and white kitchen uses a touch of color to stand out. Very bright, it is furnished with white furniture, while the worktops and some storage spaces are black. We play here on contrasts of black and white, but these are almost erased by the few touches of turquoise blue which ultimately come to visually impose themselves and give character to the room. We also like the fact that this idea can be revisited with any color according to the tastes of each one.

The lines in the spotlight

Black Walls And A Graphic Backsplash For This White Kitchen
© Aviva

In this kitchen, it is the lines that are in the spotlight. Already, our eyes are drawn to the very graphic credenza that has been chosen. Then, on the black walls, the frames are highlighted. The choice of the kitchen brings light to the room.

Modern kitchen

White And Black Kitchen Concrete Effect Silvia Steel
© Darty

This very modern kitchen with its black concrete effect and white furniture is also very functional. Indeed, it has plenty of storage, the kitchen area is installed below and you can enjoy a bar area where you can sit. We also appreciate the small storage niches dressed in black which give rhythm to this kitchen.

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