Secret documents: Reports of new discovery put Biden in an awkward position

secret documents
Reports of new discovery put Biden in an awkward position

US President Joe Biden speaking to journalists. photo

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It is clear that the Republicans are not friends of Joe Biden. But the Democrat now offers a decent target for attack – of all things in one thing for which he sharply criticized his predecessor.

New spicy revelations offer the Republicans new fodder in their attacks against US President Joe Biden: According to media reports, further government documents have been found after the discovery of secret documents in a former private office of Biden.

They were discovered by Biden employees searching a second location, several US media reported yesterday evening (local time), citing unnamed sources. There was initially no confirmation from the White House.

No information on content, location or time

Many questions about the new find were still open – including the content of the documents and the location and time. According to the broadcaster NBC, it is again classified documents. It was only made public on Monday that Biden had kept secret documents from his time as US Vice President Barack Obama in his private offices in the Penn Biden Center in the capital Washington.

Biden used the space after he left the vice presidential post in 2017 until about 2020, the White House said.

These documents were immediately handed over to the National Archives. The documents are reported to be at least 10 classified papers, some of which are top-class classified. Biden was surprised in response to the discovery that was made public on Monday. He does not know who brought the documents there or what they contained.

At the same time, the Democrat promised “full cooperation” with the investigations. The situation is politically extremely sensitive for Biden, because his predecessor Donald Trump caused a scandal in the summer with a similar case. Biden then criticized Trump.

“We will demand answers”

The fact that further documents have presumably been found strengthens the Republicans in their attacks against Biden. Trump shared reports on the new find on the Truth Social network he co-founded. Republican leader Elise Stefanik tweeted yesterday, “We will demand answers, stop politicizing the corrupt FBI and Justice Department, and hold the Biden crime family accountable.”

In the House of Representatives, the Republicans, with their regained majority, want to push Biden along with investigations anyway. You now have the power to subpoena people or request documents. Various committees are to examine how Biden handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The business relationships of Biden’s son Hunter and the secret documents that have now surfaced will also be discussed.

“The FBI searched the home of former President Trump (…) There is a special investigator investigating. We now have two different locations where Joe Biden had classified documents, but nothing happened,” said the Republican chairman by the Key Committee on Oversight and Reform, James Comer, on ABC last night (local time). There is a double standard in dealing with Biden and Trump.

White House reacts evasively

After the first find in November, Biden employees searched other locations for government documents, the broadcaster CNN reported on the recent discovery. The second tranche was found. It was unclear whether other documents were also discovered. The White House dodged critical questions about the first find yesterday and only referred to a statement on Monday.

Spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre refused to comment on why the White House had not made the find public much earlier. The documents were discovered in November shortly before the midterm elections – the media finally made this public.

When he left the White House, Trump took government documents with him to his private estate Mar-a-Lago in Florida on a grand scale, including a number of top-secret documents. The Federal Police FBI searched the property in Florida in August and confiscated various classified documents. Attorney General Merrick Garland, appointed by Biden, appointed a special investigator to clarify whether Trump may have committed a criminal offense.

In the United States, government documents generally need to be archived and preserved for posterity. Unlike Biden, Trump’s case was preceded by a dispute with the National Archives. It tried unsuccessfully for months to get papers from Trump’s tenure.


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