Sebastian Vettel’s declaration of resignation in the wording: “Farewell, thank you”

Four-time world champion
He wants more time for the family and criticizes Formula 1 – Sebastian Vettel’s declaration of resignation in the wording

Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel after the award ceremony at the 2013 Indian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel will retire as a Formula 1 driver at the end of the season. He justifies his step with the need for more time with the family – and criticizes the motorsport premier class.

Sebastian Vettel ends his Formula 1 career at the end of the season after 16 years in the premier class. The 35-year-old four-time world champion announced this step on Thursday in a video on his Instagram account (the star reported). The text of Sebastian Vettel’s four-minute statement:

Sebastian Vettel’s statement in full

“I will end my time in Formula 1 at the end of the year. I should perhaps list the people who have helped me along the way. But I think it’s more important to explain the reasons for my decision.

I love this sport. He has been at the center of my life for as long as I can remember. But there is my life on the track and my life off the track. Being a racer was never my only identity. My definition of identity is who we are and how we treat others, rather than what we do.

Who am I? I’m Sebastian, father of three children and husband to a wonderful wife. I’m curious and easily fascinated by people with passion or skill. I’m obsessed with perfection. I’m tolerant and I think we all have the same right to live – no matter where we come from, what we look like or who we love.

I love the feeling of being outside. I like nature and its wonders. I’m stubborn and impatient. I can be very annoying. I like to make people laugh. I like chocolate. My favorite color is blue. I believe in change and progress and that little things make a difference. I am an optimist and believe that people are good.

Besides racing, I have a family and appreciate the time we have together. Further I have many other interests. My passion for Formula 1 goes hand in hand with a lot of time. Time I want to spend with my family. The energy it takes to become one with both the car and the team takes focus and effort. Committing myself to Formula 1 as I have done in the past, as I see fit, and being a good father and husband no longer go together for me.

My goals have changed: away from winning races and fighting for championships towards my children. I want to see them grow up, pass on my values ​​to them, listen to them and not have to say goodbye anymore. I want to learn from them and be inspired by them. Children are our future. There is so much to discover and learn – about life and about myself.

What does future mean? We live in a rapidly changing world. How we all shape the next few years will determine our future life.

Being a Formula 1 driver brings with it things that I no longer enjoy. Perhaps these will be resolved at some point. But the will to implement these changes must become much stronger and lead to action today. Talking is no longer enough and we cannot afford to wait. There is no alternative – the race has already started.

My best race is still ahead of me. I believe in tomorrow Time goes in one direction and I want to go with the times. Looking back just slows you down. I look forward to the unknown and new challenges.

The marks I left on the track will remain until time and rain wash them away. New tracks will follow. Tomorrow belongs to those who shape today. The next curve is in good hands because the new generation has already arrived. I believe there is always a race to win.

Farewell and thanks for letting me share the route with you. I loved every meter of it.”

Source: Sebastian Vettel on Instagram


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