Schäftlarn S-Bahn accident: train driver no longer remembers – Munich

Two years after the fatal S-Bahn accident in Schäftlarn, Upper Bavaria, a train driver will have to answer to the Munich district court from this Monday. In addition to negligent homicide and negligent bodily harm, the public prosecutor’s office also accuses the man of intentionally endangering rail traffic. According to the investigation, the S-Bahn railcar driver ignored signals. His train collided with an oncoming S-Bahn. A 24-year-old man died and, according to the indictment, 51 people were injured.

According to his defense attorney, the defendant has no memory of the crime. It was a nice day at the time, he was fine, so the incident was “inexplicable” for him. After the accident he was at risk of suicide and was undergoing trauma therapy. Only now, two years after the accident, can he start a new job as a letter deliverer. Since the public prosecutor’s office assumes negligence was the reason for the accident, no pre-trial detention was ordered for the defendant.

One person was killed and more than ten injured in the collision between two S-Bahn trains in the Munich district on February 14, 2022.

(Photo: Matthias Balk/dpa)

The trial against the 56-year-old is initially scheduled to last a total of three days until March 7th. According to the prosecution, the man had ignored emergency braking and ignored a stop signal. He drove out of the station and accelerated the train to about 67 kilometers per hour. A delayed S-Bahn from Munich was approaching on the single-track route. This was also forced to brake and stopped on the track. When the railcar driver saw the stationary train, he initiated rapid braking. Nevertheless, a collision occurred.

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