SBF’s lawyer withdrew after he tweeted Until negatively affecting the restructuring of the organization

Paul, Weiss Law Firm Supporting FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried in the midst of bankruptcy Request to withdraw on behalf of the operator The decision to withdraw came after SBF’s tweets were found to hamper the law firm’s reorganization efforts.

Since November 14, SBF has published a tweet that has received widespread attention throughout the Crypto community. However, the move has fueled speculation that the tweet was used to distract bots from noticing. The deleted tweets were seen along the way, and while the intent could not be determined, Paul, Weiss attorney Martin Flumenbaum believeOn how SBF’s “incessant tweets” harmed its reorganization efforts:

“We have informed Mr. Bankman-Fried knew a few days ago Following FTX’s bankruptcy filing that there was a conflict that prevented us from representing him.”

The SBF now faces scrutiny from multiple directions. This includes ongoing investigations into the misuse of client funds and the disclosure of bankruptcy related documents.

Despite notifying the defendant already But the court may reject the attorney’s request and order them to continue to testify. That may seem impossible considering the behavioral concerns raised by law firms with SBF.

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