Save time and money: These accessories are worthwhile for effective workouts at home

Fit in everyday life
Save time and money: These effective workouts for at home keep you fit

Workouts for at home ensure maximum flexibility in everyday life

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Going to the gym costs time and money. There is not always enough of this in everyday life. Effective workouts at home are therefore worthwhile between work and family. This is how it works.

All you need for a successful workout at home are suitable exercises and fitness accessories. It is important that you do the exercises correctly. Either you already know the correct sequence of the exercises or you use training videos to get inspiration. You will find what you are looking for on YouTube, for example. Numerous athletes upload training videos there. These videos are freely accessible and designed to guide you as you train and explain the exercises in detail.

Basics for a workout at home

Home workouts are easy to implement. You need the right sportswear and the right accessories. An elastic fitness mat is the best basis for your exercises. This Sports mat is non-slip and environmentally friendly. In addition to sweaty workouts, exercises are also popular to loosen sticky fasciae. This ensures that hardened muscle areas become softer again. Depending on the application, you can do this Fascia rolls or Massage balls use. Demanding workouts and exercises for muscle relaxation can be easily combined.

1. Workout with dumbbells

The exercises with dumbbells enable targeted training of certain muscle groups. If you’re just starting out with dumbbells, it’s best to use light weight. The longer you train, the more repetitions you can do and the further you can increase the dumbbell weight. These are suitable for women to start with Dumbbells weighing two kilograms. Men can come with four kilograms start.

2. Yoga workout

The Indian teaching of yoga promises not only relaxation, but also demanding workouts. A Yoga block is particularly helpful for beginners. You can lean on it or lie down, sit on the block or use it as a weight. That makes the yoga exercises more effective.

3. Workout with kettle ball

The kettle ball (or kettlebell) is a popular training accessory and ideal for workouts at home. You train strength and endurance, flexibility, speed and coordination skills with the kettlebell. Light balls allow many repetitions, which are suitable for strength endurance and cardio training. Heavy balls, on the other hand, are ideal for building muscle. Beginners should use Kettleballs start at a weight of six to 16 kilograms and increase later.

4. Theraband workout

Thera bands are elastic bands that are suitable for different exercises and muscle groups. The rule is, the harder you pull the belt, the harder it gets. This ensures a constant resistance that you can regulate individually. You will find the Thera bands in different strengths, beginners should start with an easy or medium band.

Workout at home with apps

If you want to do sports at home, you can fall back on a wide range of different fitness apps. at Gymondo you can choose from over 60 digital fitness programs and 750 workouts, for example. Progress, such as calories burned, can be recorded in a personal fitness profile.

Workouts at home?

It’s a question of type whether you enjoy doing workouts at home. Clear advantages are time and money savings, as there is no need to travel to the gym or membership fee. This means self-discipline, because only those who can motivate themselves will achieve success with home workouts.

Workouts for at home are ideal for people who would like to integrate more exercise into their everyday lives. If, on the other hand, you need a specific training plan to achieve a goal, you can train more effectively in the gym under supervision.

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