Save heating costs: What you should know about mold growth (video)

Watch the video: Be careful when saving heating costs: What you should know about mold growth.

But be careful: those who heat little encourage mold to form on the outside walls. However, mold is harmful to health and can trigger asthma or allergies if inhaled.
The problem: the moisture in the air can condense on cold walls. This will make the walls damp.
If the humidity in the apartment is higher than 70 percent, the formation of mold is almost inevitable.
In order to keep an eye on the humidity, it is worth buying a hygrometer, it shows the water content in the air as a percentage. If the value is too high, it can be brought below a value of 60 percent by targeted airing for about 15 minutes.
A humidity level between 40 and 60 percent is optimal for living spaces.
In the kitchen and in the bathroom, the air can also be a little more humid. However, the humidity level should not exceed 70 percent here either.
Incidentally, air that is too dry can also be dangerous for the body and the building fabric.
A tip: Keeping the temperature as constant as possible throughout the day helps to keep the water content in the air the same.

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