Sandbox Announces $SAND Airdrop Giveaway to Land Owners to Celebrate New Year

After Sandbox has released the latest SAND staking on Polygon, it has announced an Airdrop $SAND to Land Owners (Land). and how long those lands were kept in the wallet

Recently, The Sandbox announced its intention to migrate most of the ecosystem to the Polygon network due to the expensive transaction fees on the Ethereum network, starting with enabling staking for Sandbox holders- MATIC And reduced the rewards they get for staking on ETH, and now they want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for joining the sandbox journey by Airdrop to anyone who has at least one plot of land.

The snapshot was taken by Sandbox on December 20, 2021, so anyone who wants to join now has to say “not on time”.

Every Land (LAND) is worth 1 point, and if the land is bought from one-third of the presales, additional points are awarded (maximum 3 points). The older, the more valuable. And if you bought the land during presales and held it since then The plot will also receive the bonus ‘Diamond Hand’ and double the points!

Landlords will receive a SAND airdrop on the Polygon network without registering anything, with tokens being automatically sent to the landlord’s wallet in the coming weeks.

If anyone has not connected the Polygon network to Metamask, you can choose to add a network. Then enter the following details:

Network name: Polygon Mainnet
Chain ID: 137
Currency Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer:

refer : LINK

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