“Salt Bae”: Gold steak chef Nusret Gökce excluded from first tournaments

Nusret Gokce
He ripped Messi’s shirt and stole the World Cup trophy: gold steak chef “Salt Bae” excluded from the first tournaments

After the World Cup final, Nusret Gökce made every faux pas on the pitch – first he disturbed world footballer Lionel Messi while celebrating, then he took the World Cup trophy several times.

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It wasn’t easy for the Argentines to enjoy the World Cup victory undisturbed. Nusret Gökce, better known as “Salt Bae”, the gold steak chef, was particularly negative. His behavior now has consequences for the cup thief.

The World Cup final was the absolute highlight for the Argentine soccer team. A whole country in ecstasy, so the unusual cape that the hosts Qatar slipped over the world footballer Lionel Messi at the award ceremony didn’t bother much. Despite all the euphoria, one celebrity managed to attract particularly negative attention: Nusret Gökce, better known as “Salt Bae”.

The chef, who made headlines in the past with extremely expensive gold steaks, which he served to stars like Franck Ribéry and Diego Maradona, behaved like an ax in the forest. He apparently got access through his friendship with Fifa President Gianni Infantino.

“Salt Bae” and the Cup

Gökce, who sells Argentinian steaks but doesn’t have much to do with Argentina, is particularly notable for having snatched the World Cup trophy several times. He posed for Instagram and went on a selfie hunt with the players at the same time. Much to the delight of some spectators, he initially received a rebuff from Messi of all people (read more here). However, he didn’t let that deter him and immediately made a whole photo album – sometimes he even posed with the winner’s medals in his mouth – after all, he’s dealing with golden food.

Although “Salt Bae” officially violated several Fifa rules, for example laying hands on the trophy as a bystander, the owner of several luxury restaurants was allowed to do so. In the future, however, his behavior could fall on his feet.

US Open Cup rules out Gokce

In public announced the US Open Cupthe oldest and most prestigious soccer tournament in the United States, that Gokce is ruled out of next year’s tournament.

Things don’t necessarily look better in FIFA competitions. The world football association has also announced that it will investigate the incidents after the final whistle in Qatar, reports “nv“.

On his Instagram profile with almost 50 million fans, “Salt Bae” does damage limitation in its own way. In addition to countless pictures with the World Cup, which almost make it look as if the chef had sunk the decisive penalty, he published an old video. It shows him with Messi in one of his restaurants. You know each other, that’s supposed to mean. Meanwhile, there is no real apology.

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