Russian spies, the nice neighbors of stern cartoonist Til Mette

He only knew Cindy and Rick as a nice couple with a Russian accent. Then he found out star-Cartoonist Til Mette, who his neighbors really were

We didn’t know them as Cynthia and Richard Murphy, but only as Cindy and Rick. And when the first reports about the spy ring being exposed appeared in the newspaper, I couldn’t believe my eyes and immediately told my wife, who just said: “Til, please don’t talk nonsense so early in the morning.” But for once it wasn’t nonsense so early in the morning. There it was: eleven Russian spies arrested. All well disguised as middle-class people, such as newspaper columnists or party girls or housewives and househusbands and financial experts. They were supposed to establish contacts in politics and high finance. The FBI found shortwave transmitters in their apartments and houses and cash in their safe deposit boxes, 80,000 dollars in brand new bills, as well as false passports and secret 27-digit codes. In the middle of it all, without a doubt, were our old acquaintances Rick and Cindy Murphy from Montclair, New Jersey. That’s where we lived at the time and that’s where we met the Murphys for the first time at a mutual friend’s house. And then again and again.

First thought: That can’t be true. Second thought: That still can’t be true.

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