Russian Julia P. deported from Germany? Prosecutor denied

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Kremlin propagandist Julia P. deported from Germany? Prosecutor Landshut denied

Julia P. poses with a Russian flag in Munich in front of participants in a pro-Ukraine demo. After her performance, several criminal charges were filed with various police authorities.

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A video is supposed to show how Kremlin activist Julia P. is being deported from Germany. The 30-year-old Russian has been under investigation since mid-May. The responsible public prosecutor’s office in Landshut has now declared that P. is still staying in this country.

The Landshut public prosecutor’s office has denied media reports that the Russian Julia P., who was targeted by the German investigative authorities for her war-glorifying and inflammatory social media posts, has been deported. P. is still in Germany, said senior public prosecutor Martin Strunz at the request of star and RTL in writing. There were also “no indications that the accused wanted to leave Germany,” said Strunz.

The rumor that the 30-year-old had been deported has been around since Sunday evening and after one Report of the Russian investigative medium “The Insider” around the web. The Internet newspaper had also published a video by a correspondent that allegedly showed Julia P. at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. The recording, which lasts a few seconds, shows a woman talking to two federal police officers. What the officials are talking about with the woman can only be understood in fragments. Apparently, the federal police officers ask the woman to accompany her. The woman, who actually looks very similar to Julia P., and an unknown companion also comply with the request, then the video ends. Due to the low resolution of the recording, it was not possible for us to verify beyond doubt whether the woman was Julia P.

Federal police check airport video

A spokesman for the Federal Police in Berlin told our editors that the authorities were aware of the recording. The spokesman did not want to confirm or deny whether Julia P. can be seen in the video. The incident will be checked, this also includes clarifying “whether the woman from the video is Julia P.”. Further questions had not yet been answered at the time of publication. As soon as we have the answers from Berlin, we will submit them here.

“The Insider” also only writes in its report about “a passenger who looks like Julia P.” and was deported from Germany.

Julia P. faces up to three years in prison

P., who lives in Landshut without a valid residence permit, has been under investigation since mid-May on suspicion of threatening, insulting and approving of crimes. The reason for this were hundreds of social media posts in which the 30-year-old Russian glorified her country’s war of aggression or incited her against Ukraine.

research by star and RTL recently revealed that Russia-sponsored propaganda is behind P’s appearance on the internet. Not only did Ps Telegram channel show a noticeable development, but the Russian state media of the 30-year-olds recently offered a stage for their anti-Western sentiments. In addition, P., who traveled to Germany several times before the start of the war, was in contact with Elena K., a Kremlin activist from Cologne who was well connected in the “New Right” scene.

Compared to RTL and star At that time, senior public prosecutor Strunz had already denied a possible deportation of Julia P. Deportations to Russia are currently suspended due to the war, Strunz said. For the crimes in the room, he named a range of penalties ranging from a fine to imprisonment for three years. “The investigations are still ongoing,” wrote Strunz.

Sources: Public Prosecutor’s Office Landshut / Federal Police Berlin / “The Insider”

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